Get ready, set, go!

So I guess I’m going to average thirty days between posts…

As of recent, I’ve been charging ahead at full speed completing a wholesale order, creating stock for my next show (, and creating pieces for my upcoming jury session for the Louisville Artisans Guild. And running the biz side of And maintaining my full time tech job. Whew. I wonder why I don’t have time to post. 😉

It’s funny – that was so easy to write, and yet, I have trouble coming up with topics. And because I have trouble thinking of topics I don’t post. It’s like I expect every one to be some award winner. When in all actuality, it’s just maintaining a conversation. Hmmm…


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Thinking ‘warm’

Although I live in the ‘South’, you wouldn’t know it from the temperature. For the last several days it’s been in the 20s or lower, with single digit wind chills. Brrrrrrr! The good thing is that we’re due some snow by Thursday, so perhaps a snow day or two?

But I am kinda wishing I was here:

b2643_1_2: Warmed by the Setting Sun
by tengtan (busy, will catch up)

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Let’s be resolute, shall we?

Hello. My name is Kristen. I’m a recovering resolutionist.

Seriously. I’m actually getting better at keeping my resolutions. The trick? Only list three, and make sure those are things that you are passionate about. Last year these were running a 5K (completed in September), making my business legit (became a LLC in April), and live a little more simply. Two out of three ain’t bad.

So, for this year, they’re very similar. Run a half marathon, get two wholesale accounts for the biz, and yes, simplify. The KDF mini is in late April, so plenty of time. Already joined a new wholesale site, and started on a list of shops that I’d love to be shown in. Now I just need to get an email together, polish up my linesheet, and we’re in business.

There are also some other things I’m in the middle of and would like to see to completion. I’m in the middle of redoing my book club’s website from FrontPage to WordPress. It’s more difficult than I thought going in, but it’s going well. And I’m learning a LOT. Along with that I’d love to redo my site in WordPress, too. But alas, I have my hands trapped in too many cookie jars at the moment. Maybe next month. Oh, and I’d also like to start working on a bridal line this month. Yeah, not much sleep in my near future.

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